I salute from the bottom of my heart all film makers and especially video cutters. Having spent 4 hours sitting in front of the computer to conjure a 1 minute – video.. wow.. guys, I am impressed and don’t want to know how much work you have when cutting a real movie.. However,  thanks to … Continue reading


My first (and hopefully not the last) Road Show 2011 brought me from Munich and Frankfurt over Zurich to Milan and finally London and as I cannot sit still to utilise every moment I discovered new and visited old favourite places such as cafés, restaurants, shops, museums, etc. that I wanted to share and deeply … Continue reading


To get over 1.260 km (Vienna – Munich – Frankfurt – Zurich) in our fantastic SCB road show car also good music is essential and thanks to Christoph, Sophie’s boyfriend and my personal musical hero, we had the ultimate one and only 54 songs long Road Show CD that you could also hear at the … Continue reading

Bures Media at the Road Show 2011 Zurich Event

You are interested in a professional video presentation of your company?! Feel free to contact Isabel Bures from, who visited, together with her camera,  our Road Show 2011 event in Zurich. See an example, which was filmed very spontanously. Thank you, Isa, it was so much fun!

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